Introducing the world's premier boxing performance enhancement socks, exclusively engineered for elite-level performance in the ring. These are the first-ever non-slip socks designed to harmonize with the precise movements and mechanics of boxing, guaranteeing a game-changing performance boost.

Southpaw Sock's Benefits

Footwork & Balance:

  • Unparalleled Grip: non-slip grips at the balls of your feet, enabling lightning-fast pivots and seamless angle changes for impeccable balance in every attack and defense.

💥 Increased Power:

  • Precision Design: These socks are crafted for enhanced grip on the canvas, empowering you to generate more impactful punches, delivering intensified power with every strike.

🚫 Say Goodbye to Discomfort:

  • No More Blisters: Engineered with heel grips, bid farewell to heel rubbing, keeping your boxing boots securely in place, making blisters a thing of the past.

💧 Moisture-Wicking Excellence:

  • Stay Dry and Composed: Our moisture-wicking fabric keeps your feet dry and comfortable, ensuring unwavering stability throughout each round.

Keep Your Cool:

  • Breathable Mesh: Designed with breathable mesh, these socks cool you down by facilitating airflow, banishing discomfort from sweat and heat, allowing you to focus on your strategy.

🌟 Elite Performance Guaranteed:

  • Trusted by Champions: Embraced by the world's elite professionals and champions, these socks are a game-changer, offering the extra edge you need to dominate the ring.

Elevate your game, seize your moment, and step into the ring of champions. Your journey to greatness begins here.

Why were Southpaw Socks Created

Southpaw Performance Enhancement Socks were made to fix the problems boxers often have with their socks. Regular socks tear easily, give blisters, get sweaty, and make you slip. We wanted to make top-quality boxing socks that look great, last long, and make you perform better. There are minimal other boxing socks out there, but none come anywhere close to what Southpaw offers. These are the luxury brand: The most durable, most stylish, and highest-performing boxing socks you can find in the world.

Who Created Southpaw Socks

Southpaw socks were meticulously crafted by the company's founder and CEO, David Campbell. David is a former elite boxer who competed alongside the best-emerging talents in Britain. However, a career-ending injury necessitated multiple surgeries, leading him to choose higher education. He attended Robert Gordon University and graduated with honors in Applied Sport & Exercise Science. David specialized in Biomechanic Movements and Long-Term Athlete Development, and he worked closely with both amateur and professional boxers, as well as Commonwealth Games-level runners.

He has indeed left a significant mark in the world of sports during his time working in Dubai for the UAE Government, where he was responsible for creating and integrating sports curricula across the country.

David harnessed his profound understanding of biomechanics and deep knowledge of boxing to tirelessly fine-tune and create what is now the pinnacle of boxing performance enhancement socks.

International Boxers Wearing Southpaw

This is a list of some of the International Amateur Boxers that are currently wearing Southpaw performance enhancement socks. All can be searched via Instagram; you will find all boxers here are current National Champions, many with unbelievable accomplishments such as Commonwealth Games Gold Medalists, Team GB Podium Boxers, European Championship Medalists and more.

Alex Arthur Jr (National Champion & Scottish International Boxer)

Alfie Lewis (National Champion & Welsh International Boxer)

Aurel Szilagyi (National Champion & Scottish International Boxer)

Brooke Neely (5x National Champion, 4x British Champion & Scottish International Boxer)

Fred Pullen (Numerous National Champion & Team GB Podium Boxer)

Garan Croft (Numerous National & British Champion, European Silver Medalist, Commonwealth Games 22 Bronze Medalist. Team GB Podium Boxer)

Ioan Croft (Numerous National & British Champion, European Bronze Medalist and Commonwealth Games 22 Gold Medalist. Team GB Podium Boxer)

Lewis Wardrope (National Champion & Scottish International Boxer)

Orlando Sotomi (National Champion & Welsh International Boxer)

Oscar Steel (3x National Champion, MTK Gold Medalist, Eger Boxcup Gold Medalist, Wexford Gold Medalist, William Wallace Gold Medalist & Scottish International Boxer)

Owain Harris (6x National Champion, 3x British Silver Medalist, Commonwealth Games 22 Bronze Medalist. World Boxing Cup 2024 Gold Medalist, Boxam 2024 Gold Medalist. Team GB Podium Boxer)

Reece Readshaw (5x National Champion & English International Boxer)

Reese Lynch (Numerous National & British Champion, Commonwealth Games 22 Gold Medalist and World Championship Bronze Medalist. Scottish International Boxer)

Saul Sztor (National Champion & Scottish International Boxer)

Elite Boxers That Wear Southpaw

British & Commonwealth Featherweight champion

Nathaniel Collins

Record: 13W(7KO's), 0L

He holds both the British & Commonwealth championships as well as being ranked #6 in the world by WBC. Nathaniel also won numerous National/International titles and competed for Scotland at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games as an amateur.

"I rate the socks highly, the best grip socks I have worn. Probably the comfiest socks I have ever worn".

Nathaniel's Instagram

Scottish lightweight champion

Regan Glackin

Record: 11W(3KO's), 0L

Regan is the current Lightweight Scottish Champion and #13 in the United Kingdom and rising. He has burst on to the scene and dominated in his last few fights. He is undefeated and looks to capture the British title within his next few fights before pushing for a world ranking.

Regan's Instagram

Super Lightweight Rising Star

Josh Campbell

Record: 7W, 0L

Josh Campbell is a silky southpaw who outmaneuvers and outclasses his opponents. As an amateur, he won 5 District titles, a National title and was #2 ranked in the United Kingdom. He would have gone on to have a stellar International career but he joined the army at 16 years old. He only fought once in the army championships (due to active duty), in which he won the gold medal. He is now rising fast through the pro ranks after a long time away from the sport.

"My footwork is one of my biggest strengths and southpaw socks have taken it to another level. I would not wear any other socks to fight ever again"

Josh's Instagram

Commonwealth Games 2022 gold medalist 2022

Ioan Croft

Ioan is a current Team GB Podium boxer. Ioan had an unbelievable 2022 season: Commonwealth Games Gold medalist, Tammer Tournament Gold medal, European U22 Silver medal and European Elite Bronze medal. There is no doubt he is currently one of the best fighters on the planet.

Ioan's Instagram

Commonwealth Games 2022 Gold Medalist

Reese Lynch

Reese is a current Team GB Podium boxer. He won the Commonwealth Games 2022 Gold medal and a Bronze medal at the World Championships. He now sets his sights on the upcoming European Championships to qualify for Olympic 2024 qualification

Reese's Instagram

European Games 2022 Silver Medalist

Garan Croft

Garan is a current Team GB Podium boxer. He is currently the European Silver medalist. Commonwealth Games 2022 Bronze Medalist and the Inaugural World Boxing Cup Silver Medalist. Securing his Paris Olympic spot is now up next.

Garan's Instagram

Commonwealth Games 2022 Bronze medalist

Owain Harris

Owain is a current Welsh International boxer. He holds 6 National Titles and won the Bronze medal in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Owain's Instagram

Commonwealth & European Flyweight Champion

Connor Butler

He currently holds both the European & Commonwealth Belts.

Connor got horrific blisters after each fight until he chose Southpaw to not only enhance his performance but also provide elite levels of comfort with minimal to no blisters.

"They were boss mate"

Connor's Instagram

Central Area Bantamweight Champion

Jake Harrison

Jake is the current Central Area Bantamweight Champion. He boasts an undefeated record of 8 wins with 2 ko's and zero losses.

"They are great you know. I can feel how the grip of the sock can help with movement"

Jake's Instagram

Scottish Featherweight Champion

Andy Tham

Andy is an excellent technician that holds a great bang in his punches. Having won 6 fights now with 3 KO's.

"Not a single problem with the socks"

Andy's Instagram

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